11.4 Times Is Enough!

According to the Census Bureau, the average American moves 11.4 times in a lifetime. If you are like most people, then you dread the thought of moving. What seems like it should take just a few hours, turns into a few days. Things get scratched, things get broken, and you often wonder why you are holding on to all this junk. But there is no time to waste, so you just throw all the junk into a box and take it out to the moving truck. You promise yourself that you’ll go through it as soon as you get to your new place.

After you move and unpack, you have to find a new place to work on your car, a new place to cut your hair, a new place to just about everything under the sun. While it is sometimes nice to escape some neighbors, when you arrive in a new neighborhood, you know no one. While it is a chance for a fresh start, it also can be a cause of loneliness. If you’ve had to move further away from family because of a job opportunity, then the holidays can become disappointing when you are celebrating them all alone.

While the average American moves 11.4 times in a lifetime, some are forced to move against their at the drop of a hat when a landlord serves a notice on them to terminate their tenancy. Sometimes the notice to move is justifiable. For example, a tenant fails to timely pay the rent, and the landlord starts the eviction process. Other times, the notice to move is unjustifiable. For example, the landlord may just be sick of seeing your children playing in the common areas of your apartment complex, so the landlord hands you a notice to terminate your lease in 30 days. And the wild scramble to find a new place begins.

Put simply, whenever you move, it should be because it’s your choice or because the terms of your lease are up. You should never be forced to move away from a home because a landlord is sick of your children. That’s illegal. If you find yourself in that situation, then call the Law Offices of Stuart E. Fagan for help.

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